Steps In Completing a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are the heart of each home. It’s where we make our food and where the family often gathers for meals. It needs to be a comfortable and functional area where all of these can take place without problems. If your home has been around for a while, then the kitchen may require a bit of a refresh. Choose SF Kitchen Renovations who specialise in these projects for best results. Check pictures of their past projects to see whether they can pull off what you have in mind. Talk to your candidates one by one to get a better idea about their competence and enthusiasm for the project. Below are the steps in completing these kitchen renovations:

1. Survey of Current Kitchen Issues

Invite your contractor to the house to survey the current state of the kitchen. Show them the issues that you would like them to deal with. Tell them what you would like to keep and what you would like to change. The contractor might also point out problems that you haven’t noticed before. You can make a list of the things that need to change to define the scope of their work.

2. Proposed Solutions, Budget, and Timeline

Once everything is clearly written, they can provide you with their project proposal. This should contain their proposed solutions for each problem, as well as the budget and the timeline. Be straightforward with regards to your limits and wishes so that they can factor these into their plans. Study this carefully and don’t hesitate to ask for modifications if necessary. You can also ask other contractors to submit their own proposals. Nothing is final until you sign a contract.

3. Demolition and Clean-up

Once you have chosen your contractor, the first thing that they will do is to clear the kitchen by removing stored items and demolishing structures that are getting in the way. Consider moving everything to your garage or other suitable areas temporarily. Think about how you will be preparing food in the meantime since this could take weeks to finish.

4. Plumbing and Electrical System

They will deal with any plumbing issues first before anything else. Leaks and clogs will be dealt with so that the kitchen will not waste water or prevent efficient flow. You will no longer have to worry about runaway utility bills and bad smells from the sink. They will also fix bad wiring which could become a fire hazard. If you want to improve the look of the kitchen, then make changes to the lighting. Ensure good illumination throughout the area with special focused lights for the tables and counters.

5. Structural Improvements

If you are planning to change the kitchen layout, then they will tackle this next. They might extend the kitchen to maximize the floor area or place a barrier to separate the kitchen from the living space. It all depends on what’s written in the plan. Some people might find it fitting to add a fixed island for additional counter space. Others will ask their contractor to make the windows wider for natural lighting and ventilation.

6. Storage Installations

Next, the contractor will install the new cabinets to increase the kitchen’s storage capacity. This is great for families that tend to shop in bulk just once a month since they will have all the space they need for their pantry. They could also add slots for microwave ovens and other appliances for a better fit.

7. Finishing and Furnishing

Lastly, they will take care of the finishing to make everything look better than before. They might install new tiles for the walls, new flooring solutions, new countertops, and so on. For budget renovations, they might reface the existing cabinets. They can also make recommendations about furniture pieces that will suit the renovated kitchen.

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